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The year 2016 is a turning point for the Conseil des écoles fransaskoises at a strategic level. A new 5-year plan looking to the year 2021 is in the works. Following consultations with community stakeholders, parents, students and staff, the new plan will review results thus far and lay the signposts for the road ahead. Based on the mission, vision and values of the Conseil des écoles Fransaskoises, our school board had unfurled a 5-year strategic plan called Destination 2015 which endeavoured to develop:

  • a Fransaskois education model centered on the success of all students which took into account the linguistic, identity and cultural realms through which each student journeys;
  • a sense of belonging to a community which is characterized by sharing and collaboration in learning.

To respect the Ministry of Education's guidelines for a Continuous Improvement Framework, the Conseil scolaire fransaskois has developed a strategic plan which includes five priorities:

  1. Higher Literacy and Achievement
  2. Equitable Opportunities
  3. Smooth Transitions
  4. Social Skills
  5. System Accountability and Governance

The CÉF's Continuous Improvement Plan, or Plan d'amélioration continue (PAC) was then developed based on these five priorities. To further ensure that specific local priorities are also met for each school, Local Continous Improvement Plans, or Plans locaux d'amélioration continue (PLAC) are developed on an annual basis for each CÉF school.